About Me
Hi, I'm Kalyan Karamsetty, and I'm a second year at UCLA studying Computer Science and Engineering. After seeing the people around me struggle to adapt to new technology, I'm determined to create products that are intuitive and impactful to a wide range of users. I'm experienced with front-end frameworks, full-stack development, and creating clean designs using Figma.
One of my most notable projects is BruinDine, a mobile app that makes UCLA Dining Hall information more accessible, which I designed and developed from the ground up in 5 weeks. I work well in fast paced team environments, and I'm constantly looking for opportunities to grow.
Speaking of growing, check out my plants on the right! My desk is surrounded by tropical plants including varieties of Monsteras and Alocasias. They are the little pieces that remind me of my home back in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where lush green colors coat the Rocky mountains year round. I moved to California for school where it feels like summer all year round. Here, you'll catch me soaking up the sun, hammocking between trees around campus, and listening to music. Some of my artists are Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish and niche electronic artists (they're not mainstream so you'll have to ask me about them yourself). Take a look below and listen along with me!
The Plants - Coming Soon